Albanian Alps Hiking 2022

Albanian Alps Hiking 2022

Albanian Alps Hiking 2022

If you are a hiking enthusiast, the Albanian Alps hiking is a must-do on your list. It’s one of Europe’s most underappreciated and gorgeous day treks. These are a few questions that must be on your mind before you try the “Albanian Alps hiking”, so let’s get those out of the way first.

What are the Albanian Alps?

Albanian Alps Hiking

This is a mountainous region. The Albanian Alps are a mountain range in northern Albania that borders Kosovo and Montenegro. The Albanian Alps, sometimes known as the Cursed Mountains, are a mountain range in the western Balkans.

Why are these mountains known as the Accursed Mountains? One of the reasons for the Accursed Mountains’ name is that it was given to them by Slavic warriors who attempted to cross them. They are also known as Prokletije, which means “cursed” in their native tongue.

How long is the hike from Valbona to Theth?

When making a camping plane in the mountains, the distance to the desired location is critical. Valbona is a mountain town located 200 kilometers north of Shkoder. While it is feasible to drive the entire distance (5-6 hours of difficult driving), taking the boat over Koman Lake is better. To begin, take a minivan from the Shkoder lodging to the Koman ferry terminal. On a paved road, it takes about 1.5 hours. Fierza is reached after 2.5-hour ferry travel. After that, it’s another one-hour minivan ride to Valbona. This is a fantastic alternative.

Is it better Theth to Valbona?

Albanian Alps Hiking

Because there are two options for completing this expedition, By walking from Valbona to Theth or the other way around, keep in mind that the more convenient way begins in Theth and ends in Valbona. Almost everyone I’ve met on my travels has tried it this way. In my case, I performed the route backward, from Valbona to Theth. Because of the following reasons.

  • Traveling from Shkoder to Valbona takes longer and requires more transfers. By comparison, returning to Shkoder from Theth is simple (van only). You can skip the first half of the trail, which is a gravel path that is highly exposed and rough.
  • There is not much to visit in Valbona, compared with Theth.
  • The hike is “softer” as it combines the hike with plain paths. Once you get to the top of the mountain is just get down all the time, so the longest way and harder way is to the top of the mountain.

What should I bring to the Albanian Alps?

If you are familiar with hiking the mountains, there is no particular tip for this hike.

  • Solar cream.
  • At least 2 l of water. You can fill up your bottle on your way with a natural fountain with the water coming from the mountain.
  • Food for the lunch.
  • A light rain jacket.
  • Mobile for photos and the wikiloc route.

When is the best time to do the trek?

According to experts, the best time to visit these mountains is from mid-late June to mid-September. When scheduling the Valbona Theth journey, the first thing to consider is the time of year. Northern Albania has distinct seasons; trekking in the Albanian Alps is not viable in the winter due to severe snowfall. The hiking season usually begins in May and ends in October, with July and August being the most popular months. This varies from year to year depending on weather, so check with someone else on the ground if feasible.

The Komani Lake ferry operates for only a few months each year, from 10 April to 2-4 November. You can double-check this year’s dates here. The trek was completed in the middle of June. It was a warm day with a slight haze. Up in the Valbona Pass, it was still quite cool. If possible, avoid the high season (July/August) in favor of the cooler months (June/September). Even in May, snow and ice might be present on the trail, necessitating the use of poles, strong boots, and other appropriate gear. We don’t recommend hiking in the snow for inexperienced hikers.

How to go to Valbona from Tirana?

Albanian Alps Hiking

From Tirana, there is no straightforward approach to Valbona Valley National Park.

I recommend taking a bus to Skhoder, and from Skhoder:

Drive to the Valbona Valley National Park.

For a solo traveler, I recommend picking up a tour package that includes:

  • Bus from Skhoder to Koman.
  • Ferry from Koman to Fierza
  • Taxi to your accommodation in Valbona National Park.
  • Two-night accommodation.
  • Dinner in Valbona National Park.
  • Lunch, dinner, and breakfast in the accommodation in Theth.
  • Minibus from Theth to Skhoder.

Price in 2020: 99 € for the full package for the 3 days.

How to go to Theth from Tirana?

Albanian Alps Hiking

There is no direct link between Tirana and Theth. So, as I have explained before,  take the bus to Skhoder and then drive to Theth.

The other way is going first to Valbona, as I have explained before. Part of the highway to Theth is now under construction to improve the journey to Theth.

Did you find interesting the “Albanian Alps Hiking”?

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