Travel in Kazakhstan 2021

Travel in Kazakhstan 2021

Travel in Kazakhstan

My journey through Kazakhstan made me feel more like an explorer than a tourist.  Kazakhstan is such a great place if you want to have an adventure. It is the cheapest country I have ever traveled to.

If you’re thinking of a unique place, Kazakhstan is worth a trip and pleasant to travel. The Kazakhs are friendly, the scenery is amazing, and the food is varied and delicious.

Are Kazakhs friendly?

Kazakhs are very hospitable and very welcoming. They have time for you even in the busiest city in the Country; the Almaty. There is not much of the hustle and bustle, so I found the local Kazakhs very warm-hearted.

Is Kazakhstan expensive?

For travel in Kazakhstan, the costs are very inexpensive, so if you’re coming in with dollars euros, it’s a good value. Getting across the city by Yandex Taxi is roughly two to three dollars. Food is pretty cheap. Hotels weren’t super cheap; that’s where I spent the most by far but still cheaper than Western Europe.

When should I visit Kazakhstan? Kazakhstan weather

If you want to enjoy a harsh winter. It can go up to -20 C. If you like heavy snow full of ice in the streets, I would recommend you come during December, January February. But if you want to visit Kazakhstan to enjoy all the activities in Kazakhstan and visit tourist places, I would recommend you to come during May, June, and July.

Be aware that most of the flights are canceled in winter

The one disadvantage of travel in Kazakhstan during winter is that most of the time the flights are canceled because the runway is too icy and too cold for the planes to land. So that’s one of the disadvantages of coming to Kazakhstan in December. Still, it is just interesting that you can find hotels for a very low price because people usually don’t come during these freezing temperatures.

Is it safe to travel to Kazakhstan?

I felt Almaty be extremely safe during travel in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is legitimate, and walking around the streets is super safe. Crime exists; of course, I’m sure things happen, but as far as I think I felt super safe during travel in Kazakhstan.

Travel in Kazakhstan: National Parks and nature

Big Almaty Lake

Travel in Kazakhstan

You can call Yandex Taxi using the app and head to the big Almaty Lake. An hour-long journey will take you out of the city past the impressive entrance to the first President Park. This Park is the favorite vacation spot of towns’ people. Located in a picturesque place, this park shows the nature of allotting on hectares more than one and ten thousand trees of different species up hunted. In the park, there is the city’s largest singing fountain with light deco.

From the Palace of the Republic, you can take a cable car to Kok Tabe Park, located on a large hill overlooking the city. You can spend some hours up there checking out the amusements and getting a bite to eat.

Big Almaty Lake is the unique turquoise sort of color just 15 kilometers away from Almaty. You cannot go into the water since it’s a geological sort of site, but this is breathtaking as soon as you got up there. So, if you are ever in Almaty, make sure you check this out.

Charyn Canyon National Park

Charyn Canyon National Park - Travel In Kazakhstan

When people say Charyn, they often mean the Canyon Valley of castles as the brightest and most majestic national park. In addition to the valley of castles, there are at least four other canyons i.e., a black small canyon, Tomalak, and Balck Canyon.

For travel in Kazakhstan, the valley of castles or the red canyon is the most exciting place for tourists. It is located perpendicular to the Charyn River.

To make your stay in the Charyn canyon, you can make your visit even more enjoyable. You can do some entertainment.

Altyn Emel National Park

Altyn Emel National Park is located in a Ili river valley. It is one of the fantastic and remote parks around Almaty. It’s just like a miniature Kazakhstan with very diverse landscapes. You can find singing dunes, colorful mountains, and wide steppes.

Kolsai National Parks – Kolsai Lakes

Sometimes something terrible can lead to something beautiful that’s exactly the case with Kolsai Lakes in Kazakhstan. The Kolsai Lakes comprise three lakes named Kolsai 1, Kolsai 2, and Kolsai 3, located in the Northern Tien Shan Mountains. Currently, all lakes are a part of Kolsai National Park.

Kolsai lakes can confidently be named as one of the tourist brands of the Almaty region in Kazakhstan. They are located 290 kilometers from Almaty. The road to them takes six to seven hours.

From Sati, you can travel on foot or by mountain bike, or horse riding. The distance from the town to Kolsai lakes is only 11 kilometers. I have done by my own renting car and I recommend you to take a taxi as the road there is for a 4×4 car.

Ozero Kaindy (Kaindy Lake)

Travel in Kazakhstan

During your travel in Kazakhstan, Kaindy Lake is a good place for diving. It is located in Kolsai National Park.It is considered the natural landmark of Kazakhstan.

The temperature rarely exceeds 6 degrees Celsius, even in summer preserving the tree trunks underwater. Due to its clear water, you can look far into the depths from the shore which is absolutely beautiful.

Which cities should I visit?

Cities in Kazakhstan are surprisingly modern. Almaty is quite impressive with the infrastructure. The Metro is exceptionally clean, the city, in general, is very clean.

Even from the largest city, Almaty, it’s super easy to get out of the town into the mountains, and it’s the start of the Tian Shan range; they are stunning. There are lakes located about 45 minutes from downtown Almaty.

Travel in Kazakhstan: Cities


The city, the second-largest and capital of Kazakhstan, has a history of changing its name. New road, office buildings, hotels and monuments were built more than others, including the Petrik Tower. 700 Tenge will take you to the top of this tower to look throughout the city.

Al Habib, leads to the Khan Shatyr shopping mall center. Inside, you will find all kinds of random shops, dining spots with a ghost train, a monorail, and a water park with a natural sandy beach. You can use Yandex’s taxi app to get around. It is super cheap and easy to use.


Shymbulak is primarily a ski resort located only 40 minutes from central Almaty. During your travel in Kazakhstan, you can arrive at this resort by cable car. The first station of it contains a large car park and a ticket office. Tickets start at 3500 Tenge for return from Astana to Shymbulak. At the resort you will find bars, restaurants, chalets, bakeries, and the hotel. It is well worth visiting in the summer to escape the crazy heat of Almaty.


For travel in Kazakhstan, Almaty is the city of active, purposeful, supporting, and hospitable people, the very center of the Eurasian continent.

  • As the Country’s cultural capital, this comprises various monuments of architecture, theaters, and museums.
  • The music heart of Kazakhstan is Kazakh state academic theater opera and ballet. The other one is the Kazakh dramatic State Theatre, which opens the national culture to the world.
  • The Altatinsiy Zolotoy Central Bazaar is a vast space to find anything. Clothing and souvenirs prices are very low. It is a very authentic local place to come for shopping.
  • Almaty Central Mosque is pretty big.
  • One legacy of the Soviet times is the Almaty metro system. Typically, large grand stations are spread around the city and a useful way of getting around. You can buy a ticket if you wish to tap in and out with a credit card. One way journey is just 80 Tenge.
  • Kasteyev Art Museum is an excellent place to rest for a few hours if boiling or freezing cold outside. You will see different paintings, sculptures, and regional crafts from the 16th century up to more recent works.

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