Valley of fire state park: Travel Guide 2021

Valley of fire state park: Travel Guide 2021

Valley of Fire State Park

One great thing about Nevada’s Valley of Fire state park is that, even though it is a vast park coming in at around 46 000 acres, you can still see most of what it has to offer in a single day.

How to get to Valley of Fire State Park?

The closest city is Las Vegas and it takes around one hour by car. There is no public transport to visit it. So, you must visit by your own car or a private tour.

How much does it cost the entrance of Valley of Fire State Park?

The cost is 10$ per vehicle. If you would like to camping there, there then price is 20$ and it includes the cost of the entrance.

How long does it take to drive through Valley of Fire State Park?

You can easily drive through the whole Valley of Fire State Park in just an hour. However, you would like to stop and do some hikes. My personal advise is consider at least 1 day.

10 Best things to do in Valley of Fire State Park



This unique geological feature resides about a mile and a quarter after the front gate of the park. So, it’s the first thing that you will encounter. If you are a geology buff, then the fire state park’s Valley will be like heaven for you. The beehives are a series of tall sandstone formations that have been shaped by the elements in the parking lot.

You will find a kiosk with a whole bunch of information about how they were created and, if you take just one look at them, you’ll see where they got their name from. This will be a quick stop, but it is something cool to see, especially if you’ve never been to the park before.

Atlatl rock

Google maps: Location of Atlatl rock – Valley of Fire State Park

After you leave the beehives, you’re going to continue down the road and keep your eyes peeled for a three-way intersection here, you’re going to make a left, and that will bring you to atlatl rock. This stop is not only for geology fans but also for people who like sites of historical significance.

If you climb your way to the top of the staircase that has been very tastefully matched to the surrounding rocks, you will find yourself on a platform with an incredible 180-degree view of the Valley. You will also be able to check out some petroglyphs that date back over 4000 years.

Arch rock

Google maps location of Arch Rock (Just a few meters from Atlatl rock)

The next stop is just a very short distance down the street, and it is the arch rock, even though this arch isn’t anything to write home about if you’ve been to places like Sedona or arches national park. It’s something cool to see if you are already in the area; you can easily see this arch from the car and grab a quick picture on your way to destination number three, the fire cave and the wind stone arch.

This area is really pretty after you’re done at the fire cave. You can head back to the car, continue down the dirt road, and it will dead-end at the main road. Then make a left, which will take you back past the road that you turn on to go to Atlatl rock.

Seven Sisters

Location of Seven Sisters – Valley of Fire State Park

The next stop is seven sisters. This spot is a great place. If you want to stop and have a picnic, they have covered picnic tables and restrooms. The seven sandstone towers are also a great place to get some shade if you visit on a hot sunny day. If you continue down the road in the same direction, you’ll eventually get to the park’s back entrance; there’s a small parking lot there, which is where you will park to visit the Elephant Rock.

Elephant Rock

Location Elephant Rock – Valley of Fire State Park

Elephant rock is hard to consider a hike, and not only do you get the elephant rock but just outside the parking lot. There are more fun sandstone caves to explore. If you climb up towards the top of the caves, you can get yet another beautiful overlook of the Valley of fire.

The hike to elephant rock is straightforward. It’s well-marked, and it just traces along the shoulder of the road. Before you know it, you’ll be at the elephant rock.

Rainbow vista viewpoint – Hike

Location: I couldn’t find the location in google maps, but here is the link on how it looks like the hike: Rainbow vista viewpoint. This spot is an iconic photo stop. It gets a little bit narrow at the top, and you could see a small amount of apprehension in many of the guests’ faces up there. The walk up to the top of rainbow vista will have you breathing a little heavy, but it is worth it.

If you’re looking for an incredible thrill on your trip to the park, you can make your way to the very top of rainbow vista, it’s very narrow, but the view of the entire park is fantastic from there.

Fire Wave

valley of fire state park

Location of the Fire Wave – Valley of fire State Park: You can drive to this parking and then do the hiking trial from there.

The fire wave is a gorgeous hiking trail situated in the Valley of Fire that amuses you with incredible views during hiking. This spot remains accessible throughout the year.

To get there, the hike is a mile and a half that is a round trip, and it is cool because the rock formations are different colors at this spot. You can take some epic photos. It’s a great place to get away if you have half the day.

Pink Canyon Hike

Location of Pink Canyon hike – Valley of Fire State Park

The pink canyon is also called a pastel canyon, it’s a fantastic place to visit in the Valley of Fire state park, but a few people know about this. Valley of Fire state park has so many great and unique hiking opportunities. One of our favorite trails in the park is a much lesser-known trail called pastel canyon.

Mouse’s Tank

After visiting with the elephant rock, you will hop back on the road, but this time in the opposite direction, make a right turn going towards the visitor center, and this will put you on mouse’s tank scenic road, otherwise known as the white domes Nevada, scenic byway. This drive is fantastic, as it snakes its way through the mountains and valleys on overcast days. The colors look so saturated that It is tough to believe that nature can produce them.

If you love taking landscape photos, this is a perfect road for it.

From my personal point of view, it is worth the road but not what you will see here in Mouse’s Tank. You can stop at different spots on a hilltop and take a picture of the road. As it vanishes way off into the distance, speaking of excellent hilltop photo spots right along this road, you can find the rainbow vista viewpoint.

Fire canyon or silica dome overlook

This is another quick stop with an easy-to-reach overlook. The most exciting thing about the silica dome overlook is how precise the line looks that separates the large white boulders from the mountains that look like they’re almost made out of chocolate.

What Should I bring to the Valley of Fire State Park?

You are in the middle of the desert, so you should bring:

  • A lot of water. Also, be careful if you are visiting during the summer season at the middle of the day.
  • Sun cream, sun glasses, and a cap for the sun.
  • Comfortable shoes, this also includes wearing trainers.
  • Some sandwiches and food. So, you can organize your journey however you want.

When Should I visit the Valley of Fire State Park?

I was visiting in Summer, with the peak session. However, if you are not used to the heat or come from any country with soft or cold summers, it would help if you considered visiting in Spring or Autumn.

There are not many tourists during the low season, and it may have some rains and storms. It depends on your needs and your requirements.

Accommodation in the Valley of Fire State Park

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